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Not really put much up here, anyone want to help?


From the Great Indie Discography:
"Formed in 1990 in Crawley in Sussex by Jeff Pritcher, his brother Nick, Steve White, Scott Kenny and Matt Wise. They signed to the Eve label..... and modelled their latter day retro-indie on the likes of Spacemen 3, Loop and My Bloody Valentine, with a healthy dose of strutting Jim Morrison-style cool thrown in for good measure."
The line up as of Superbaby included Simon Walker on guitar to replace Steve White and Justin Welch to replace Scott Kenny. Scott went off to form Ever.

Ed - Got a message from Steve from the band:
" my name is steve burgan, i replaced steve 'chalker' walker and matt wise as
the only guitarist in '94 just as the 'bare doll' ep came out. i'd known the
boys for some time as well as other crawley retrobates 'ever'. they needed a
guitarist for a scheduled tour and as i'd just split with my own band
'world' i gladly took up the gauntlet. the line up for 'big banger' ep was:
jeff pitcher-vocals, nick pitcher-bass, steve burgan-guitars, lawrence 'boss
man' on drums. i went on to play with 'the all new
acceleraters' and am currently working on material............ "

That's all I've found so far and I've been searching!

Oh, and here's a PRESS RELEASE.

And a live review Keg found!

January 2006:
Got this update from Lester:
"Scott Kenny left Spitfire to JOIN Ever, not FORM, they had been going for several years before Scott joined, infact they had a flexi released in about 1988/9 I think on the local label Playroom discs, they were also due to release a 3 track 7” on Playroom discs in 1988/9 but this got shelved when the distribution company Red Rhino went bust.

The other 2 members of Ever I can remember were Lyndon the singer, and Peter the guitarist who had the most effects peddles but knew how to use them.
Spitfire were formed from the remnants of a former Crawley band, Bobby Scarlet, which featured Jeff and Nick, as well as Steve Walker and Darren on guitars, and Chris Window(s) formerly of creation hopefuls Blow up on drums.
Bobby Scarlet released 2 singles, first Peaches / Mosquito on the crawley label Deadbug run by another Crawley band, Friendly Fires and a 4 track 12” released on the Brighton label La-Di-Da Jeff, Nick and Steve Walker were definitely around for the first 2 singles, and Scott Kenny was definitely on the second.

Looking at Superbaby sleeve, the line up is Matt, Steve Walker top, Jeff Bottom, Scott Kenny and Nick.
Steve Walker now lives in America, and has played with the Auteurs, amongst others Steve White from what I remember was in another band called Spectrum Zero who released at least 1 12” which I think was produced Jason Pierce of Spacemen 3.
Eventually Steve White and Scott Kenny were in another band called The Loveless, but I don’t think another by them was released, here prove me wrong.. "
Thanks, Lester,(Edmund)