The Family Cat

Amazing band, formed in 1988.
Fred (Vocals/Guitar)
Jelbert (Guitar)
Tim (Guitar)
John (Guitar)
Kev (Guitar)

Personally, I thought the Family Cat were amazing, I saw them many times in the years after "Furthest From The Sun" and was never disappointed with their performance!

The records vary in quality (check out the discography for more...), but you really can't go wrong with either album.

Anyway, enjoy the site, hunt out the records and feel free to mail me!

Oh and here's the Video to "Remember What It Is That You Love" (Pc Only - Flash)
And the video to "Colour Me Grey" With PJ Harvey (Pc/Mac - Quicktime)

Incidentally, I got an email from Bryan, asking for lyrics to 'Place With A Name'
Can anyone help me out with the two missing words?

Listening to Leonard Cohen,
Though the heaven knows why,
And the rain grizzles down,
From every velveteen sky,
It’s very quiet here,
Dew is on the ground

And in our conversation is there a,
Heavenly sound

It’s very quiet here,
Within the confines of this room,
Where the ?(whit?) Contort the corners
And the dust evades the ?(brain?)
It’s very quiet here,
The Dew is on the ground

And in our conversation is there a,
Heavenly sound

The rain contorts the world outside
Into a mud filled prison yard
And you’ll wish that it was summer
The way it rains so hard

You’re better off asleep that way the day won’t last so looooonngg

The sleep you snatched this morning,
Then you leave me on my own,
But the passing of a minute
Takes us, closer to home
It’s very quiet here,
The Dew is on the ground

And in our conversation is there a,
Heavenly sound

Oh and Kev emailed me:

" I lived at Stamford Hill for a few years before upping to  Crouch End also lived on Stokey high street next door and above a KFC with Matt (who sold our T-shirts and Angus Cameron who went on to direct our and loads of much more famous people’s videos (primal scream etc.) In fact bits of the Loaded video were recorded in that flat and if you look carefully you can still see Fraser (our guitar tech) dancing around in a TFC t-shirt which was supposed to be blacked out after the record Company saw the video. Tim, Jelb and John lived ashort walk away towards Clapton and Fred on Stamford hill as well.
Place vid features Henri’s Café was opposite the cemetery, up a road,  the best “greasy spoon” Thai café in London, we used to go there on Saturday lunchtimes, loads of us. Also Clissold park and Church Street.
The gig on TV was Ally Pally 5th anniversary of the Town and Country Club. I have that on video. I will sort some stuff out, but don’t hold your breath.  When we moved to Cornwall I left loads of vids in the garage, but made sure to bring in the TFC ones and put them in a cupboard, which come winter was incredibly damp and when I opened it a lot were ruined, I managed to keep some, but the quality is up and down, (with mainly down if I remember rightly. )"

So the videos exist!


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